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A Recap of PAINWeek 2015

An interview with Kevin L. Zacharoff, MD, a licensed, board-certified anesthesiologist, about the PAINWeek 2015 conference.

A Recap of PAINWeek 2014

An interview with Kevin L. Zacharoff, MD and licensed, board-certified anesthesiologist about the PAINWeek 2014 conference.

A Report from PAINWeek 2012

An interview with Kevin L. Zacharoff, MD and licensed anesthesiologist about his reflections from the PAINWeek 2012 national pain conference.

Pediatric Palliative and Hospice Care

I am currently the medical director of a community-based pediatric palliative and hospice care program, Community PedsCare that is the pediatric program of Community Hospice of NE Florida. Due to the success of the Community PedsCare partnership with the Wolfson Children’s Hospital, the inpatient pain and palliative care consult service was developed last year (2010)… Read more »