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Course-in-a-Box: Perioperative Pain Management

This presentation outlines the consequences of poorly managed postoperative pain, discusses undertreatment of postoperative pain and offers solutions.

What Role Does Spirituality Play in Pain Management?

When treating chronic pain patients, clinicians might focus primarily on the biomedical dimensions of pain care and management. Living with a chronic condition requires patients to find a path to living as full a life as possible. For some patients, an improved quality of life is achieved through spiritual practice. Incorporating spiritual discussions into patient… Read more »

Pediatric Palliative and Hospice Care

I am currently the medical director of a community-based pediatric palliative and hospice care program, Community PedsCare that is the pediatric program of Community Hospice of NE Florida. Due to the success of the Community PedsCare partnership with the Wolfson Children’s Hospital, the inpatient pain and palliative care consult service was developed last year (2010)… Read more »

Early Requests for Medication Refill: Difficult Conversations, Part VI

This is the sixth article in a series of eight articles by Ilene Robeck, M.D. regarding difficult conversations a primary care provider may have when dealing with patients with chronic pain. This series is meant to be a guide for primary care providers facing these situations.  Difficult situation #6: A patient requests a medication refill… Read more »