Menstrual Migraine Tool

This interactive tool will help you understand: what a menstrual migraine is, how the menstrual cycle and migraine coincide, & how to prevent and treat.

Herbal therapies for pain

A Slideshare tool from PainEDU about different herbal therapies used to treat patients with pain.

Drug-drug interactions

A Slideshare tool from PainEDU about drug-drug interactions.

The Pathophysiology of Pain

A Slideshare tool from PainEDU which details the pathophysiology of pain.

Medications and their side effects

This chart shows which medications can produce which side effects by marking an “x” at the intersection of medications and side effects.

Course-in-a-box: Pathophysiology of Pain

This presentation defines pain and describes how it transmits in the body, identifies types of pain, and explains why pain assessments matter.

Course-in-a-Box: Opioid Risk Stratification

Download this presentation which defines important terms related to opioid use and explains the importance of minimizing opioid risk in clinical practice.